March 6th, 2013

From Crisis to Crisis Part II – Our Deliberative Republic is the Casualty!


Our December 3, 2013 post is turning into a broken record.  Our deliberative republic is the casualty.

“The Fiscal Cliff” on December 31, 2012 was Armageddon – minutes away.  There was no time to debate or discuss, for hearings, and, luckily for elected officials, for accountability.  There was only room for brinksmanship, name calling, and blame.  300 million citizens were left to observe an unwanted reality show – “Adults Acting Badly.”  We use the word “adults” loosely.

As soon as the Fiscal Cliff was no longer a cliff, 2013 quickly led to “The Sequester Crisis” – a March 1 scrape with Armageddon.  The drama was palpable, the excitement riveting – another episode of “Adults Acting Badly.”

The latest episode of “Adults Acting Badly” airs between now and March 31, 2013, as factions once again avoid reading and applying the US Constitution.  Having miraculously escaped Armageddon twice in 60 days, factions have moved on to the next crisis – the fight over the next Continuing Resolution (“CR”).  With the passage of another CR – the umpteenth since 2009 – the federal government will keep spending for a fifth year without a budget.  The constitutional process — approval by the House, the Senate, and the President – is ignored.

The House passed budgets in each of the past four years (the first two years under control of one party and the second two year under the other party’s control).  The Senate has not gotten around to passing a budget – whether proposed by the Senate, the President, and even if passed by the House.  The five-year failure of the Senate to follow the Constitution is about to be the new “drama,” a crisis so “dire,” so “sudden,” and so “unexpected,” that constitutional processes won’t be followed again.

Oh, the opportunity to sell papers, to hype cable news programs, and to fight for ratings!  What a golden opportunity for name calling 24 hours per day.

Yawn!  We’ve heard it all before.  Citizens should see this “show” for what it is – misdirection.  Factions, not the mechanisms of our constitutional republic, are the source of our current difficulties.

The Founders (Madison) put external and internal controls in the U.S. Constitution to prevent factions from ever producing this reality “show.”  The Constitution anticipates our current difficulties and provides the means to avoid them.  Amendments 1 through 4 of The Second Bill of Rights restore these controls, and re-focus the federal government on proper exercise of its enumerated powers, without the incredible waste that arises from ever-increasing overlap with the police power of the several States.

Is there a lesson for us?  When factions over-promise, and then fail, their leaders don’t blame their plan.  Factions deflect blame to the institutions of our constitutional republic.  With The Second Bill of Rights in place, this cycle, driven by factions, will be substantially interrupted, as the Founders intended.

The Second Bill of Rights is presented in 50 short essays that comprise The New Federalist Papers.  We hope you will dig much deeper into these ideas by getting and reading our new book.  Come to your own conclusions.

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