The Second Bill of Rights and The New Federalist Papers

The Enlightenment philosophy of individual freedom and liberty guided the Founding Fathers during the Constitutional Convention in 1787.  But even then they knew that in any government administered by some citizens over other citizens, groups adverse to the rights of other groups (factions) would learn to exploit its imperfections to advance their own ends.

Much like algae and barnacles attached to the bottom of the real USS Constitution, in the 225 years since 1787, other algae and barnacles—factions—have attached themselves to the hull of the written Constitution, tilting it right and left, up and down, forward and backward.  Important features are barely recognizable.

The Second Bill of Rights and the New Federalist Papers scrub the hull clean, add navigational aids, and allow the ship to sail free again.  The Second Bill of Rights suggests eleven (11) concise amendments to the United States Constitution to achieve this result.  Fifty (50) brief essays make up The New Federalist Papers—thought provoking commentaries that explain the suggested amendments and place them in historical context.  Each is contributed anonymously, as James Madison, John Jay, and Alexander Hamilton contributed to the original Federalist Papers.

A reading of these essays and the proposed amendments will repay the effort.


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